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We invite all SAFE Professionals to join in a very simple Evidenced Based Research Programme whatever their specialism eg, business coaching, personal growth, executive leadership, human development and psychology, horsemanship and all therapeutic interventionist.


By collectively sharing our data all participants will have the unique opportunity to gain valuable insights as to best Equine Assisted or Facilitated practices and be able to show unequivocal evidence of outcomes both for the client and prospective clients. From personal experience in leadership, coaching and therapeutic interventions clients really appreciate having their process measured, tracked and evaluated.


If you would like further information about Safe Professional evidenced based research programme please contact - admin@safeprofessional.org


The CORE System: A Summary

The CORE System Group [CSG] developed, piloted and implemented a co-ordinated quality evaluation, audit and outcome benchmarking system for psychological therapy services. This has involved working closely with a range of stakeholders groups representing psychiatry, psychotherapy, clinical psychology, and counselling. The CORE System comprises three components, which act as the standardised ‘hub’, which can be complemented by either methodological or domain/population/diagnostic-specific ‘spokes’.

CORE Administration

One of the consistent challenges to traditional service evaluation has been the collection of comprehensive and representative datasets. For a variety of reasons, many evaluations to- date have suffered from considerable data attrition. The CORE Administration Checklist has been designed to audit CORE System Data administration and collection. This helps to not only co-ordinate the day-to-day administration of the CORE System, but also collect information on data representativeness and associated problems.

CORE Benefits

·   Completed for every client by every practitioner, the forms help assure comprehensive profiling of [Equine Assisted or Facilitated] service throughout

·   The forms collect data on presenting and emerging problems/concerns via a categorisation framework complemented by an international classificatory system (ICD 10) to help profile service populations

·   The forms collect data on the benefits of therapy [ Equine Assisted or Facilitated interventions] to help profile outcomes

·   The forms collect data on descriptors (e.g. intervention type, duration and frequency) to help profile services and contextualise client self-report and practitioner-rated outcomes

·    Methodologically, the forms offer the opportunity to focus client-collected data specifically on therapy issues, which enhance assessment, therapy planning and discharge.

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