“Instead of thinking what can the horse do for us, we might better wonder what we can do that is in service to the spirit of the horse, in this way we may learn how to be humane” – Sun Tui, IFEEL Method

SAFE Professionals is a professional community helping Equine Facilitated practitioners and services to develop and improve their competencies in trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive, and trauma-focused work, human and equine behaviour changes, and welfare. 

This is a directory of competently trained Equine Facilitated or Assisted Professionals for discerning public, corporate, NGOs and training organisations which share values, ethics and have evidenced competences in relevant fields. 

We offer professional and organisational development workshops and programmes as well as different options for membership. 

Our new website is in development. Please check back soon as we will be publishing our updated application process, code of ethics, shared standards of work and growth possibilities. 

If you would like to receive updates regarding the launch of the new site, please, write us: admin@safeprofessionals.org